Turbine Balancer for the critical balancing of the rotating shaft assembly of a gas turbine engine.  At rotational speeds in excess of 150,000RPM this instrument is essential for ensuring safe and efficient operation. Specifically designed by Mike Murphy and produced with his kind permission....as used on the new Wren MW44 prototype

Used in conjunction with a simple d.c. electric motor driven rig, (not supplied) out of balance vibrations are detected and converted to electrical signals. After processing, these signals are used to trigger a Xenon flash tube stroboscope that gives the appearance of a stationary turbine assembly and allows the indication of the area where metal is to be removed to obtain optimum balance.

Panel mounted meters indicate motor voltage and 'imbalance' with adjustable speed and sensitivity controls. The Xenon flash tube is mounted in a clip on 'wander lead' for easy positioning.
Whilst specifically designed for small gas turbine engines, the system can also be employed to balance other rotating assemblies... e.g. ducted fans and electric motor armatures etc

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